GoGoVetHK Housecall Veterinary Services
(Available from 9/2022)

Get your pet checked by veterinarian without leaving home

Have you ever experienced the following while taking your pet to a veterinary clinic?

You live in a remote area but do not drive

Do you live in a remote rural area?
Every time you take your pet to the vet, you need to spend hundreds of dollars to arrange transportation and you also need to take leave from work in advance?

You are too busy with work to take your pet to the vet

Are you working more than 10 hours a day, or have children at home to take care of ? Even your pet that has been with you for many years is sick, you do not have the time to take it to the nearby veterinary clinic for medical treatment in time?

You have several pets in your home, and each veterinary visit takes a whole day

Are you getting frustrated when it is time for your pet s' annual vaccinations or heartworm shots each year? It takes multiple trips and the assistance of multiple person to successfully bring them to the veterinary clinic one by one. It takes a whole day to prepare. After arriving at the clinic, each pet still need to be registered one by one. However, the actual vaccination procedure takes only ten minutes...

You have to wait hours at the veterinary clinic every time even you have made an appointment in advance

Even if you have made an appointment with the veterinary clinic in advance for consultation or follow-up consultation, you will eventually have to wait for hours due to emergency surgery at the clinic or the last client extended the consultation time.

being alone, alone, archetype

Does your pet have any of the following conditions?

dog, pitbull, bully
Large in size with limited mobility

Is your dog a medium-to-large dog over 20kg, but he suddenly loses strength with his hind limbs, or he is old and has limited mobility, and you cannot easily carry him into and out of the car alone, and take him to the veterinary clinic for consultation?

Before arriving at the veterinary clinic, it has already begun to tremble

Is your pet a bit timid, or maybe it has had some unpleasant experiences at the veterinary clinic in the past? It's like having a sixth sense. Every time you want to take it to the veterinary clinic, even if you do everything you can, such as driving around in a big circle or deceiving it with snacks, it will find out early. If it hasn't arrived at the veterinary clinic yet, it has already started to tremble, and will not cooperate with you putting on a dog leash or get into the car.

Dislikes contact with other pets

Is your pet less sociable than the others? They don't like other animals or even get aggressive towards them? Or maybe your pet is very sensitive to the smell or sound of other animals and is already nervous going to a veterinary clinic with mixed smells.

Afraid of strangers

Is your pet very stubborn? At home, he obeys his master, but when he arrives in an unfamiliar environment, his sense of self-protection will immediately set the alarm, and he will be very wary of all strangers and animals, so it is completely impossible to carry out routine physical examinations in the veterinary clinic.

If you feel familiar with the above situation....

GOGOVET housecall veterinarian can solve the above problems for you

You and your pet can sit at home

Pet owners can stay at home, avoiding traffic and waiting time in animal hospitals, and at the same time, it can also reduce pets' anxiety about medical treatment, making every veterinary examination less scary.

Fully equipped mobile veterinary van

The mobile veterinary van is well-equipped with a variety of portable medical examination equipment to handle some routine examinations, such as: listening to the heart and lungs, measuring body temperature, measuring blood pressure, measuring intraocular pressure, examining eyes, ear canals, oral cavity and skin, etc.

Multiple electronic payment methods

We accept a variety of electronic payment methods for the convenience of different customers. The payment methods we accept are as follows: PayMe (Business Edition), FPS, Visa, Master, AE American Express, Octopus, Alipay, WeChat Pay.

Synchronized medical record with our veterinary hospital

We will bring a laptop when we visit, and the medical records of the laptop will be synchronized with the medical records of our veterinary hospital to ensure that the medical records of our pets will be recorded so that we can continue to follow up for pets in the future.

Home delivery of prescription drugs and food

After visiting the veterinarian, if necessary, we will provide home delivery of prescription medication and you can also order prescription food and drugs and we can provide you with home delivery service.

Hospitalization service for pets

Our partner veterinary clinic - Pet Elements Animal Hospital can conduct further examinations for pets, such as: heart and abdominal ultrasound, X-rays, major surgeries, and also provide inpatient services.

Our Range of Services

Basic consultation and examination

Basic consultation services include: Acquiring pet's past medical history, listening to the heart and lungs, weighing and measuring body temperature, and palpation of various parts of the body. Regular health check-ups for your pet will allow your veterinarian to detect abnormal symptoms and diseases early, which can help in early treatment.

Vaccination for cats and dogs

As a responsible owner, it is very important to vaccinate your pet against common infectious diseases. Vaccinations can protect your pet's health, rabies and DHPPiL vaccines for dogs and FVRCP vaccines for cats are provided by the Gogovet Housecall Veterinary Services.

Health check and export certificate

If your pet needs to be immigrated, you need to obtain different documents for import and export in advance. We can perform pre-export health check in a comfortable environment at home and issue export health certificates.

Second opinion

We can provide you with a second opinion consultation. We can obtain your pet's medical record from your previous veterinary clinic in advance. After review, we can understand your pet's condition, and then examine your pet and provide the best advice.

Faecal and urine tests

We can detect different kinds of intestinal parasites, coronaviruses or enteroviruses from stool tests. Urine tests can also reveal a number of indicators, such as: urine protein, pH, red blood cells, ketones, urine specific gravity, so as to detect kidney, urinary system diseases or endocrine problems early.

At home euthanasia

When pets are seriously ill and cannot be cured, choosing euthanasia is not an easy choice for pet owners. At home euthanasia services allow pet owners to say goodbye to their pets in the most familiar environment, and allow pets to pass away peacefully at home.

Heartworm test

Heartworm disease is a disease that severely affects dogs. The incidence of this disease in Hong Kong is quite high. There are two reasons. First, many dogs have been infected. Second, Hong Kong has mosquitoes all year round, and mosquitoes are the transmitting agents of heartworm. Heartworm testing can generally be done at home within 15 minutes.

Regular follow-up for chronic patients

Long-term patients or pets need to visit the veterinary clinic regularly for follow-up consultation and prescription. This type of follow-up consultation is not an emergency. Because the veterinarian has a certain understanding of the pet’s medical records, it is suitable for home visits, which can reduce the number of elderly pets going out.

Cat and dog virus detection

Common cat and dog viruses in Hong Kong include the following: dogs: canine distemper, hepatitis, enteritis, parainfluenza, leptospirosis). Cats: Feline viral rhinotracheitis, Calicivirus, panleukopenia. Testing your pet for the virus at home can prevent the risk of spreading the virus.

Blood pressure measurement

Blood pressure measurement is very important in animals that have already developed clinical symptoms, such as blindness caused by hypertension, epilepsy, anterior chamber hemorrhage, etc. Blood pressure checks for pets in familiar surroundings at home are ideal.

Blood test

We can draw blood for your pet at home for the blood tests it needs. Blood tests allow the veterinarian to know the function of your pet's internal organs, such as the liver and kidneys. In addition to blood sugar and electrolyte levels, veterinarians can also analyze your pet's health by evaluating your pet's red and white blood cell counts through blood test results.

Hospitalization service

If your pet is seriously ill and require hospitalization and infusion treatment, the housecall veterinary team can arrange to transfer your pet to our animal hospital for further treatment after your pet has been examined.

Veterinary nurse housecall service

We offer housecall services to assist you in caring for your pet at home while you are busy at work or traveling. We can provide: administration of medication services, suture removal, dressing and wound care, regular injections for your pet, subcutaneous injections, nail trimming, physiotherapy or laser therapy, etc.

Cartrophen injection

Many elderly cats and dogs receive injections to improve the mobility of the joints affected by arthritis. Arthritis is a disease that affects the joints. When the endochondral lining wears down in the joint, it can cause pain. Medications and supplements can help your dog regain mobility.

Subcutaneous fluid

Subcutaneous fluid is a very effective way to improve and control dehydration in pets with renal failure. Subcutaneous fluid can help them live longer and maintain their quality of life, and pet owner can do it at home. An housecall veterinarian or nurse can also come to assist you with giving subcutaneous fluid for your pet.

Prescription food and medication delivery

We can arrange for regular medication or prescription food to be delivered to your home. The delivery of all medicines and prescription food is arranged through our online store managed by our animal hospital. We will use our in-house delivery team or SF Express to deliver the goods. Free delivery over HK$400.

Due to the limitation of house-call service, in addition to providing housecall service, if your pet needs more detailed examination procedures or even surgery, we can arrange for your pet to be sent to our animal hospital for further examination and treatment.

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Below are some frequently asked questions and answers. If you have other questions, please feel free to contact us.

You can pre-arrange a room or a quiet space for your pet to be examined. It is best for your pet to be familiar with it.  You can place a table and chair in the space as a workbench for us to place equipment and conduct inspections if possible.

For pets under 15kg, our veterinarian will generally conduct a physical examination for them on the table; for medium and large dogs over 15kg, we mostly conduct physical examinations for them on the ground, but the actual situation depends on individual circumstances.

We usually bring along with some towels, muzzles, etc. during our visit, but if you know that your pet is nervous, you can prepare some items that will make him feel at ease, such as towels with familiar smells, toys, etc. ,just in case.

We accept a variety of payment methods to facilitate the needs of different customers. The payment methods we accept are as follows: Cash, PayMe (Business Edition), FPS, Visa, Master, AE American Express, Octopus, Alipay, WeChat Pay.

Our housecall veterinary services cover service for Hong Kong Island, Kowloon, New Territories and outlying islands. On-site veterinary service fees start from $400 (depending on the region), and additional fees may be charged for individual remote locations. Please refer to ur service price list or contact our clinic staff for enquiries.

Yes, you need to call us in advance to make an appointment for the housecall service, because we will make our travel arrangement according to the appointment time and location of our client of the day, and we will try our best to arrive at the appointment time. But sometimes we may run late due to traffic or other special circumstances. We will call you in advance if these happen.

GoGoVet HK housecall veterinary service  provide a variety of services for pets at home, such as consultation and examination, vaccination, heartworm test, health examination and export certificate, blood pressure measurement, joint injection, regular follow-up visits, euthanasia, etc. In addition to providing housecall service, if your pet needs more detailed work up procedures or even surgery, we can arrange for your pet to be sent to our animal hospital for further check up and treatment. For details, please refer to the scope of services and pricelist, or call us to inquire.

There is one veterinarian accompanied by one assistant each time during our  housecall veterinary visit, which makes it easier to handle the animals.  The calm and familiar environment and atmosphere of the home makes pets less stressed than the smells and sounds of a veterinary clinic.

Housecall veterinary services do not perform surgery procedures on pets at home because the operation needs to be performed in a sterile environment with sterile surgical instruments, anesthetic gas, anesthesia monitoring equipment and instruments. We need to take into account the safety of your pet’s life. It is very dangerous to operate without any anesthesia monitoring system, oxygen and other facilities. If your pet requires surgery, we will transport the pet to our veterinary hospital to arrange the surgery.

Need more information?

For more details of our services, give us a call and get in touch with our team.

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