Below are some frequently asked questions and answers. If you have other questions, please feel free to contact us.

You can pre-arrange a room or a quiet space for your pet to be examined. It is best for your pet to be familiar with it. You can place a table and chair in the space as a workbench for us to place equipment and conduct inspections if possible.

For pets under 15kg, our veterinarian will generally conduct a physical examination for them on the table; for medium and large dogs over 15kg, we mostly conduct physical examinations for them on the ground, but the actual situation depends on individual circumstances.

We usually bring along with some towels, muzzles, etc. during our visit, but if you know that your pet is nervous, you can prepare some items that will make him feel at ease, such as towels with familiar smells, toys, etc., just in case.

We accept a variety of payment methods to facilitate the needs of different customers. The payment methods we accept are as follows: Cash, PayMe (Business Edition), FPS, Visa, Master, AE American Express, Octopus, Alipay, WeChat Pay.

Our housecall veterinary services cover service for Hong Kong Island, Kowloon, New Territories and outlying islands. On-site veterinary service fees start from $400 (depending on the region), and additional fees may be charged forindividual remote locations. Please refer to our service price list or contact our clinic staff for enquiries.

Yes, you need to call us in advance to make an appointment for the housecall service, because we will make our travel arrangement according to the appointment time and location of our client of the day, and we will try our best to arrive at the appointment time. But sometimes we may run late due to traffic or other special circumstances. We will call you in advance if these happen.

GoGoVet HK housecall veterinary service provide a variety of services for pets at home, such as consultation and examination, vaccination, heartworm test, health examination and export certificate, blood pressure measurement, joint injection, regular follow-up visits, euthanasia, etc. In addition to providing housecall service, if your pet needs more detailed work up procedures or even surgery, we can arrange for your pet to be sent to our animal hospital for further check up and treatment. For details, please refer to the scope of services and pricelist, or call us to inquire.

There is one veterinarian accompanied by one assistant each time during our housecall veterinary visit, which makes it easier to handle the animals. The calm and familiar environment and atmosphere of the home makes pets less stressed than the smells and sounds of a veterinary clinic.

Housecall veterinary services can not provide surgery procedures on your pet at home because surgery needs to be performed in a sterile environment with sterile surgical instruments, anesthetic gas, anesthesia monitoring equipment and instruments. We need to take into account the safety of your pet’s life. It is very dangerous to operate without any anesthesia monitoring system, oxygen and other facilities. If your pet requires surgery, we will transport the pet to our veterinary hospital to arrange the surgery.

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